Flute Ensemble

Are you planning to be a music major, minor, or participate in one of our large ensembles?  If so, you are eligible to take private lessons!

When you arrive on campus, please sign up for an audition time.  These time slots are posted on the bulletin board in the lower level of the Crawford Music Building.  At your audition, plan to play approximately 5 minutes of music which accurately reflects your playing ability (please have 2 contrasting styles of music prepared).  Auditions last ten minutes and might include scales and/or sight-reading. After your audition, you will be assigned to either the Wind Symphony and/or the Flute Ensemble, and be given a slip of paper which lifts the registration hold.  You will need to take this piece of paper to admissions in order to register for lessons and ensembles.  Good Luck!  I will have office hours on Mondays and Thursdays – please stop by or email to arrange a lesson time.  Thanks!

MUS 2308/4308:

Woodwind Ensemble


The SPU Flute Ensemble performs throughout the year on campus and off campus as an outreach of the University. Registration approval is through the Instructor and by audition. As with all SPU music groups, it is expected that students will enroll in the Flute Ensemble for an entire year, as this ensemble is a full year course in its goals and objectives. The Flute Ensemble is a dynamic group where students can develop ensemble and specific flute-related skills in an enjoyable and rewarding setting. Students prepare music utilizing the entire flute family: piccolo, traditional C flute, alto, and bass.


Believing that all creative and artistic expression is an echo of the Creator Himself, ensembles are an opportunity for students to grow in stewardship of God-given gifts and musical talents. Musical excellence and well-prepared performances are stressed. In addition, we will all attempt to model a grace-filled community by respecting the opinions and work of others and by coming to class prepared to participate.

Extra tuition is not charged for the 18th, 19th, or 20th credit hour of a student’s academic load if these credits are for music ensembles.


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