Flute Studies

Music majors, music minors, and non-majors participating in ensembles are eligible to take private lessons. All ensemble members are highly encouraged to enroll for individual instruction. For more information, please contact Sandra Saathoff.

MUS 2201/4201: Individual Instruction: Applied Study in Flute

Through private flute instruction and individual practice we will strive to improve all technical aspects of your playing such as tone production, breathing, and finger technique as well as the development of musical concepts such as phrasing, musicality and interpretation. Specifically,

  • Students will experience a wide variety of literature from many styles and periods of music in order to recognize and demonstrate their understanding of all interpretive instructions found in the music and common performance practices of the period.
  • Students will develop technical skills which will allow them to express themselves creatively and musically. Attention will be given to tone production, breath control, vibrato, intonation, dynamics, articulations, scales and other techniques found in etudes, orchestral excerpts, solo and chamber repertoire for flute, and piccolo (if desired).
  • Students will develop skills in listening, critiquing, and evaluating music as a performer and listener.
  • Students will acquire skills in performance, practice techniques, pedagogy, and goal setting/attainment.

Private Lessons

In addition to lessons for university credit, I have a limited number of openings in my home studio, where I enjoy teaching elementary-aged students through adults, who all have a variety of skill levels and flute interests.

Please contact me flutes@spu.edu for more information.


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