Looking for practicing suggestions? Tips for success? Lesson Information?

Please check out the following resources:

Sandy’s Guide to Woodshedding

The PDF file available below offers practicing suggestions to help make those difficult passages sound easy!

More details…woodshedding2 to download (PDF)

Private Lesson Guidelines & Expectations

If you are interested in private lessons (either at SPU or at my home studio on the Eastside) please read the Private Lesson Expectations file below.

More details…Private_Lesson_Expectations_2011for Lesson Expectations PDF

Flute Studio Calendar & other forms

Attached are forms my students need to complete and a calendar of flute activities for my home studio students.

Adjudicator & Freelance Musician

In addition to my love of teaching all things flute—I enjoy adjudicating, coaching flute ensembles, and performing a wide variety of solo, orchestral and chamber music!

Please contact me for more information


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